Niku Create Exposed Manual Bar Shower Mixer Valve Tap

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Product Description

  Niku Create Exposed Manual Bar Shower Mixer Valve Tap


The Niku Create range of products is designed to make a statement in your bathroom with a solid brass body. Featuring the latest technology including ceramic disc technology the Niku create bar shower mixer will turn your bathroom into a luxurious room. Constructed from brass and with modern ceramic disc technology, this chrome finish shower valve can supply water to your shower through the bottom outlet on the valve.


Niku Radiance

Niku Radiance

The chrome finish on all Niku Radiance products is only a fraction of microns thick. However, what most people do not realise is that chrome is only as good as the material underneath. As Niku only use the highest quality raw materials our Niku Radiance products are finished to perfection and have a radiant chrome finish.

Niku Motion

Niku Motion

Our Niku Motion products feature the latest ceramic disc technology so that as you turn the handle, one ceramic disc effortlessly slides across the other with a smooth motion. Because of the way the discs are arranged the taps go fully on with only a quarter turn and need only light pressure to operate.


Niku Create Exposed Manual Bar Shower Mixer Valve Features

Solid Brass Body

Ceramic Disc Technology

0.2 -5 bar Recommeded Pressure

Compatible with combi boilers, gravity fed systems, and shower pumps



Width 284.4mm

Depth 66mm

Pipe Centers: 150mm



This product is covered by a Niku Bathrooms 20 Year Guarantee



Niku Create Exposed Manual Bar Shower Mixer Valve Tap
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